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001 ~ Perry Trollope || S. Willoughby Bird

Welcome to the first installment of PROSPERIDAD - an informal space for putting digital stuff for people to look at. I plan on hosting my friends and other artists who make cool things here, whether it be images, scans, video, 3D models, digital installation, whatever people want to do with the space afforded to them. 001 is a menagerie of things that my good bud Perry Trollope made, including iPhone drawings from Procreate, sketchbook scans and pastel drawings from his childhood. In the front room I have put a small series of procreate drawings I have been working on using the Square payment app.

A couple things:

you gotta download the Unity Web Player if you want to run it in the browser (warning - doesnt work in chrome unless you do this but works in all other browsers). If you don't feel like doing all that junk you can download it here as an application.

If you download it make sure to run it at the highest resolution and at the highest quality settings for the best experience. And if you like it, feel free to donate a couple bucks so I can keep making these. xoxo


WASD / ARROW KEYS - move around
MOUSE - look around
SHIFT - run
SPACEBAR - jump????